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We provide professional consultancy services to increase the capacity of companies, promote their products in international markets, and contribute to their development. In the consultancy process:

Document preparation Transportation and storage Sales and market research Product and target audience research We are with you in all stages, including feasibility studies and obtaining necessary permits.

Import and Export

We manage your import and export processes at the lowest cost and highest efficiency. With our extensive network in the Middle East, European countries, Turkish Republics, and Russia, we can quickly and securely deliver your products to the global market.

Transit Trade

We provide transit trade services to transport your products to third countries in the most efficient way. We meticulously plan all logistics processes, minimize costs, and accelerate your processes.


We manage all processes from transportation to storage with our strong logistics infrastructure and professional team. We closely follow the needs of the time and the developments in the sector, and support new ideas and initiatives.

Why AVD Company?

Transparency: We share all our work with our customers, moving forward together in every stage of the process. Professionalism: Our team of experts in each field provides all the services you need in the best possible way. Reliability: We support the foreign trade of all products that are not prohibited. Wide Scope: We provide services in the best possible way in the Middle East, European countries, Turkish Republics, and Russia, where we are strong. Quality and Certificates: We have all the necessary certificates and quality documents in our field.


Get in touch with us to learn more about our consultancy, import, export, logistics, and transit trade services. Our professional team is always available to provide you with the most suitable solutions.

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