About Us
AVD Company is proud to provide services in the fields of import, export, consultancy, logistics, and transit trade with our professional staff for 25 years. Whether the product is available or not, we provide professional and corporate consultancy services to all companies, enabling them to import or export effectively. We closely follow all processes in this field, meticulously plan all necessary stages, apply the lowest cost policy for these plans, and offer them to our companies.
When agreements are reached with companies that want to receive consultancy services, we perform all import, export, logistics, and transit trade services in the best way possible. Our company, which aims to increase the capacities of companies, announce their products internationally, obtain products sold internationally in domestic areas, enable companies to improve themselves, and contribute to increasing their earnings, consists of a professional team, each of whom is an expert in their field. This team of ours is with you 24/7 in all areas where necessary paperwork, moving, storage, sales research, market research, product research, target audience research, necessary feasibility studies, and necessary permissions are needed.
At AVD Company, we have adopted transparency as a principle in our services such as consultancy, import, export, and logistics. Therefore, we share all our work with all our customers who ask for support from us and ensure that our customers also participate in these processes. In this way, we can manage all processes professionally and according to your wishes without any missing or errors.
You can get support from our company for the foreign trade of all products that are not prohibited. The countries where we are strong in import, export, and logistics are the Middle East, all European countries, Turkish Republics, and Russia. In these countries, we have all the equipment, human resources, and necessary equipment to do our job in the best way possible. Determining our goals at the highest level by working result-oriented and moving towards our goals. As a company, we follow all the requirements of time, all developments, and support new ideas and initiatives. We also attach importance to all our staff having the necessary training and equipment and contribute to increasing their expertise. We are proud to have all the necessary certificates and quality documents in our field. We share the well-deserved pride of being a leader in our sector with you, our valued customers, and we are committed to providing you with superior quality service.
Our Avd Company Team
A. Volkan Diyarbakırlı)
Tuncay Ünverdi
Accountant Manager
Slavyana (Eda) Diyarbakırlı
Asian Export Officer
Betül Vali
Eastern Export Officer
Nuri Cıncık
Purchase & Logistics Expert