Our Mission
Our mission at AVD Company is to provide our customers with the highest quality of service in the fields of import, export, consultancy, logistics, and transit trade. By adopting principles of transparency and professionalism, we aim to enhance our customers' competitiveness on both national and international levels, facilitate their operations, and reduce their costs. Our goal is to offer effective and sustainable solutions to our customers by optimizing their business processes.
Our Vision
Our vision is to establish AVD Company as a globally recognized and preferred brand. We strive to strengthen our leadership position in the import, export, and logistics sectors by delivering innovative and creative solutions, adding value to our customers, and achieving sustainable successes. By closely following technological developments and supporting continuous development of our entire team, we aim to continuously improve the quality of our services.
Our Avd Company Team
A. Volkan Diyarbakırlı)
Tuncay Ünverdi
Accountant Manager
Slavyana (Eda) Diyarbakırlı
Asian Export Officer
Betül Vali
Eastern Export Officer
Nuri Cıncık
Purchase & Logistics Expert