AVD Company
We are proud to offer import, export, consultancy, logistics, and transit trade services with our 25-year professional personnel team. Whether you have a product or not, we provide professional and institutional consultancy services to all companies, ensuring that they can import or export effectively. We closely monitor all processes in this field, meticulously plan all necessary stages, and apply the lowest cost policy for these plans, presenting them to our companies.
When our companies want to receive consultancy services, we provide all import, export, logistics, and transit trade services in the best possible way. Our company, which consists of professionals expert in their fields, provides all necessary documents, transportation, storage, sales research, market research, product research, target audience research, and feasibility studies, and is always available 24/7 to support you in all areas you may need.
As AVD Company, we have adopted transparency as a principle in our consultancy, import, export, and logistics services. Therefore, we share all our work with our customers who request support and ensure that they are involved in these processes. This way, we can manage all processes professionally and in line with your requests without any errors or omissions.
You can receive support for the foreign trade of all products that are not prohibited by our company. The countries where we are strong in import, export, and logistics are the Middle East, all European countries, the Turkish Republics, and Russia. We have all the necessary equipment, human resources, and equipment to do our job in the best possible way in these countries. We set our goals at the highest level, focusing on results, and move forward in line with our goals. As a company, we follow the needs of the time, support new ideas and initiatives, and ensure that all our personnel have the necessary training and equipment. We are proud to have all the necessary certificates and quality documents in our field. We share the rightful pride of being a leader in our sector with our valuable customers and provide them with high-quality services as a principle.
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